Share things in your city.

It’s not just about saving money. It’s about using our planet’s limited resources wisely. It’s also about the ethos of sharing. So go ahead and Share, pa!

Why Share, Pa?

Save money

Why buy, when you can share?

Social connectivity

Make new friends and Connect with like-minded people

Save planet

Sharing is caring for the environment

Give away

Give away items that you don’t use anymore

How It Works

  • Search

    Going on a trek to the Himalayas and need a backpack? Or it’s the weekend and you need beer mugs for your party..

  • Send a request

    Like what you found? Send a request to borrow

  • Your request is accepted

    The lender thinks you are cool, accepts the request

  • Return

    Return the items as decided And don’t forget to write a testimonial

  • Feel Smug

    Sit back, relax and pat yourself for doing good

Top Borrowed Items