About Share-Pa

Share-Pa.com is a peer to peer online platform which enables users to simply share things. It’s free to use and completely devoid of commercial purpose.

In a society where we already consume 1.7 times the bio-capacity of earth annually, it makes sense to increasingly share and pool our resources. Share-Pa enables and encourages the sharing through an online platform, which would not only reduce humanity's resource footprint, but also would reduce costs and the waste generated.

In an emerging market like India, where the platform is being launch to begin with, the problems are even more urgent. With increasing internet penetration, India already has about 120 million online shoppers, 39% of whom shop on a weekly basis. India is expected to generate about 165 million tons of trash annually by 2030, of which currently it has capacity to treat only about 12 million tons. 

While the platform won't necessarily solve these problems on it own. It would be an honest effort to work towards a potential solution.
Some of the salient features of the platform are:
  • Allows only lending and borrowing, not selling or renting
  • Borrowing searches are optimized by proximity of a lender (friend, friend's friend, co-worker, affiliations to same hobby groups etc.)
  • Allows users to broadcast the requests in a city/ locality 
  • Allows users to give-away the items that they might not need
  • Allows lenders and borrowers to provide rating and testimonials to each other, post a transaction
  • Allows users to create communities for localities, universities, work places, hobby groups to facilitate sharing
  • Gives badges to very active users, which can be redeemed to avail discounts on sustainable products and services (work in progress) 
The Team
Share-Pa is run by a motley team consisting of one slave-driver, one fairly reluctant slave and one incidental feline, residing in the badlands of South Delhi.

Please check the FAQs or write to us at support@share-pa.com, in case you have more questions.